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billed monthly


per month total
billed annually

  • Server reserved slots
  • Customize your name and chat color
  • In-game credits earning multiplier
  • Immunity against auto team balance
  • Ability to use a Jetpack*
  • Hop into a Bumperkart in-game*
  • Gift your store credits to others
  • Access to exclusive features on Jailbreak servers
  • Bypass cosmetic removal on 32+ player servers


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billed monthly


per month total
billed annually

  • ❤️️ Everything in Donator, and:
  • Bypass /wear cosmetic equip regions
  • Resize your player, head, torso, and hands in-game*
  • Apply Unusual effects on your feet in-game
  • Customize your in-game join message
  • Modify your taunt speed
  • Customize your foes' ragdolls


Most popular
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billed monthly


per month total
billed annually

  • 💛 Everything in Supporter, and:
  • Server voting (voteban, votekick)
  • Customize your in-game name tag
  • Wear 2 extra wearables in-game with /wear
  • Spray bigger sprays in-game
  • In-game extended voice menu
  • Draw with lasers in-game
  • Extra weight in server decisions
  • Rainbow effect on your class

* = Only on some server categories.

Donors are still subject to server and community rules. Your benefits may not always function; this might be due to Valve; due to a database outage; due to a bug; or due to your community reputation standing.
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